About Akers Wellness™

Akers Wellness is a part of Akers Bio™ focused on rapid, non-invasive diagnostics for the measurement and monitoring of health and wellness parameter.  Our products currently focus on convenient, breath-based tests.

Akers Bio™ was founded in 1989, with the objective of developing proprietary, in vitro diagnostic technologies that accelerate the rate at which clinicians can obtain single-patient results.  The tests and sample preparation devices that emerge from our rapid technology platforms are designed to provide the same level of accuracy as traditional laboratory testing methods, at a fraction of the cost and turn-around time. 

We are dedicated to the development of time- and cost-efficient, single-use devices that can be utilized almost anytime, anywhere.  We believe that our products facilitate more convenient and frequent point-of-care testing which may ultimately save or improve the overall quality of individuals’ lives.