The METRON® Breath Ketone Test is a rapid and convenient way to accurately measure ketones to determine if you are in a state of nutritional ketosis, or “fat-burning”. 

METRON® does not require blood draws or inconvenient urine samples, just your breath!  And since breath acetone is highly correlated with the ketones in your blood, the test provides an accurate determination of whether you are in ketosis.

   METRON® Breath Ketone Test is the first and only disposable breath test for ketosis
✓   Takes less than 3 minutes!
   Facilitates frequent testing to monitor if you are currently in a fat-burning ketogenic state
   Uses patented MPC™ Biosensor technology
   Small, hand-held disposable design – test anywhere! (only 5 1/4" long)
   Highly accurate – correlates well to the benchmark blood-based ketone testing
   Results shown with an easy-to-read color change


The METRON® Breath Ketone Test